Indoor Netball



This fast paced 6 or 7-a-side game is perfect for you to satisfy that social or competitive drive and stay fit. It is great for both guys and girls and we have mixed leagues. From beginners to social, and corporate to competitive, this game is great for forging friendships or meeting new people.

Action Indoor Netball differs from standard netball as it is played in netted courts where the ball is never out of play. It is fast, furious and has been proven to increase fitness by 27%, player’s ball skills by 44% skills and concentration by 15%. So whether you want a social game or a work out this fun filled game can provide it all!

Social Games

Book your court to take on your friends or workmates. Call us for more information 0121 5460717 or click here for more information.

Back to Netball

Back to Netball… Thinking of getting back into Netball? Or want to try it for the first time?

Enjoyed playing netball at school? Stopped playing and would love to start again? Looking for a fun, new activity?

England Netball’s Back to Netball provides a gentle introduction to the sport for female players over sixteen years of age. Sessions are coach led and cover basic skill development and court play. The emphasis of these sessions is on learning new skills and having fun playing Netball with friends. Whether it is about rediscovering sporting abilities you forgot you had or about getting active again, these sessions cater for all abilities. Get fit, have fun and make friends through Back to Netball.

With England Netball we helping to deliver their government backed ‘Back to Netball’ programme through our Centre. Initially started in August 2011, we are now into our fourth season of Back to Netball sessions.

Walking Nets

Perfect for all ages and abilities, or those with injuries that hinders them in running, jumping, or generally ladies or men who are keen to lose weight. Walking netball give participants a good workout without running, jumping and landing whilst providing lots of fun and social activity.

Sessions are 10:00 – 11:00 every Wednesday. £3 per session. Please show up on the day or contact Pauline Knight on 07540126814

Jack Huxley – England

“I originally started playing Nets because I have always had an interest in netball but have never had an opportunity as a man to play it so this seemed like a great idea. I have absolutely loved playing it and love how focused it is on teamwork and the fact that it isn’t possible for a single individual to win a game on their own. To represent your country is the biggest honour imaginable to anyone playing any sport and I’m absolutely delighted that England have seen my potential and selected me in their squad to represent them at the world championships in Australia.”