Legs, Bums and Tums

What is it: LBT’s target the common problems areas for the most of us! This session involves a variety of abdominal workouts, lunges, stretches and exercises for the legs, thighs, buttocks and core.

Who is it for: LBT is suitable FOR ALL so come along and give it a go!

What to expect: This is a low impact class, with an element of cardiovascular work and suitable for all levels of fitness. LBT’s is a light-hearted class which will tone and shape the targeted areas, as well as increase stamina and cardiovascular fitness overall. A mixture of stretching and aerobic warms ups along with stretching and cooling down at the end will also increase overall flexibility of your body. If it’s your first session, it can be normal to experience a bit of muscles soreness a day/ a few days after but this should wear off after a couple of sessions.

What to wear: You should wear comfortable loose fitting, breathable clothes and flat-soled workout shoes (trainers are ideal).

What to bring: At least one water bottle (water is available from the fountains outside) and a towel to wipe away any sweat. If you have your own yoga matt, please feel free to bring it along with you, although please note that they are provided.

If I’m pregnant can I still do LBT? Safety is our number one priority, so we recommend talking with your doctor or midwife who will advise you appropriately as they have the best knowledge of your medical history.

Can I suggest a song? Yes of course! A Song suggestion sheet will be provided during every session, feel free to write down anything you want. We look forward to seeing your suggestion!

Day Time Where Instructor
Wednesday 7:30pm – 8:30pm Soft Play Studio Kristel