Action Circuit

What is it: It’s a whole range of different timed activities, one after the other, all in one fast-paced class just like ‘circuit’ training. Everything from lunges, squats, step-ups, burpees, arm curls and core exercises. All sessions are run by our instructors.

Who is it for: ‘Action Circuits’ is available to ALL so come along and give it a go!

What to expect: In a Circuit Training class the court will be set out with a number of ‘stations’, each one featuring a different piece of equipment. At the shouted commands of the instructor everyone in the class moves from station to station throughout the session, doing a different exercises at the time specified by the instructors. If it’s your first session, it can be normal to experience a bit of muscles soreness a day/ a few days after but this should wear off after a couple of sessions.

What to wear: You should wear comfortable loose fitting, breathable workout clothes and flat-soled workout shoes (trainers are ideal).

What to bring: At least one water bottle and a towel to wipe away any sweat.

If I’m pregnant can I still do action stations? Safety is our number one priority, so we recommend talking with your doctor or midwife who will advise you appropriately as they have the best knowledge of your medical history.

Day Time Where Instructor
Monday 6:15pm – 7:00pm Court 1 Pete
Friday 6:15pm – 7:00pm Court 1 Pete