Splat Education

Splat are extremely proud to invite your young ones to our fun maths and economics sessions. ‘Splat activities’ support your child’s understanding of mathematical skills, help memory and classroom confidence while relating all maths concepts to everyday life.

At Splat we believe the exterior of educational establishments should be just as colourful and energetic as the interior. Children should have the ability to play, walk, run, jog and hop past their works of art daily; reminding them of their outstanding achievements.

We work together with staff members and children to produce creative, aesthetically pleasing exterior murals for all to see for years to come.

Our story.

Have you ever watched a small child play with paint for the first time in their lives? They splat it… This is where our unique concept derived from. Young children are curious, inquisitive and innately creative. They have not a care about how messy their clothes will get, whether their drawing or painting looks aesthetically pleasing or how many times they have to fail in order to succeed. They do it anyway…

We want to challenge all children to hold onto their curiosity, to think outside that box, to ask those questions they might just deem to be ‘silly’. We challenge children to make a mistake and go on to correct it with determination and dedication.

We teach with fun and creativity at the forefront of our planning.

Who are we?

Splat was launched in 2016 by a former primary school teacher who has also previously taught in secondary schools. She enjoyed teaching, but aimed to not only think outside the box; but to demolish that box! She had a vision of varied ages helping and encouraging one another while learning in an interactively engaging way which supported all learning styles.

Her hope is to ensure everything children are taught is not defined by four classroom walls but real life, everyday experiences. She has a vision of children altering the exterior walls of their educational establishments; truly leaving their creative marks behind.

Splateducation – Confident learners, confident creators!

Our mission?

We understand the pressures upon educational establishments, parents and children alike. We are here to support all in a fun, engaging and understanding way. We are driven by the desire to help develop young children into outstanding citizens of tomorrow, regardless of ability, culture or background.

For more information please visit:  www.splateducation.com

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