International Indoor Cricket

Action Indoor Cricket

National Competitions

‘Action Indoor Cricket England’ international sides are comprised of players from our Elite Squads. These represent England at World Indoor Cricket Federation (WICF) global events. These events include World Cups for Juniors, Masters and Full sides for both Males and Females.

Action Indoor Cricket England is the appointed governing body of Indoor Cricket in England and Wales. This is a formal partnership between the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) and Action Indoor Sports.

International Mission Statement

“To bring ‘Action Indoor Cricket England’ international sides into line with the professional standards of the Team England brand”

‘Action Indoor Cricket England’ Player Pathway

Mirroring the ECB performance pathway, the structure will follow the pattern as below:

  1. Player introduced to ‘Action Indoor Cricket’.
  2. Player competes in their local centre leagues.
  3. Player selected to represent their centre in the National League.
  4. Player competes in a minimum of 33% of National League games in a given season.
  5. Subject to performance level, player qualifies for ‘Action Indoor Cricket England’ Elite Squad.
  6. Subject to successful selection, player represents ‘Action Indoor Cricket England’  in International competition.

International Selection Criteria

For any given player to be considered for selection for an ‘Action Indoor Cricket England’ International side they must meet the following criteria:

  • Players must compete in the National League in the year prior to, or of, the competition in which they wish to compete and in the category (or higher level) that they wish to represent.  A minimum of 33% of games must be completed by any given player.
  • Players should be committed to as many organised England training sessions as possible.
  • Agree and sign into the Touring Protocols

In addition, players will be analysed based upon the following performance areas for final selection:

  • Technical
  • Tactical
  • Mental
  • Physical

International Development Team

Appointed by the ‘Action Indoor Cricket England’ Board, the International Development Team will be responsible for all aspects of the International game, from selection through to the appointment of coaches and managers, to touring protocols.